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Ok, so normally our free accounts get 15 captures a week but we're making an exception for you. 

Sign up for a free LeadIQ account below and we'll give you 100 standard credits a week for 30 days. Pretty cool right? That's quite the pipeline you'll be able to build. 

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LeadIQ solved a majority of our problems and allows us to move a lot faster.

Having LinkedIn Sales Navigator in their sales stack, the TripActions team uses information their prospects post online about themselves to determine the best buyers for their target accounts. Reading a prospect’s description on LinkedIn helps give more clarity on a prospect’s responsibilities versus a traditional database. It also makes it easier for the team to personalize their outreach.

With one swift click of a button, their mighty sales team can enrich their LinkedIn prospects in real time, while importing them into Salesforce and SalesLoft with full contact information.

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