Navigating the Buyer’s Journey from Top of Funnel to Close


The Buyer’s Journey can make a seller feel like they’re making their way through a dark, complicated labyrinth with surprising turns and obstacles that lead can to certain doom.

Roderick Jefferson, Author of Sales Enablement 3.0 and VP of Field Enablement at Netskope, has created the blueprint to excellence, so sales teams can better navigate the barriers they come across throughout the sales process.

Jack Wilson is Sr. Director of Enterprise Sales at Seismic, Sales Trainer, Mentor, and Faction Leader of The Sales Rebellion.

Together, they join us to share tactics and strategies to help you become the hero of your Buyer’s Journey.


Roderick Jefferson
Jack Wilson

Cool Things You Will Learn

  • What is the Buyer’s Journey
  • How to Identify and Prioritize Challenges
  • Why Do Deals Fall Apart
  • Prospecting and Sales Tactics for Account Executives


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