Cold Email Your Way Out of the Ice Ages

How Sales Reps Can Perfect Their Prospecting Techniques & Achieve Double Digit Reply Rates

Cold Emailing your way into the inbox and getting a replyIn 2019, Salesforce confirms that cold email replies dipped below 1% for the first time - that’s 2.5% lower than it was three years ago, and the numbers continue to dwindle. When using LeadIQ’s approach, companies can achieve at least a 10% response rate.

Right now 35% of cold outreaches go unanswered. A real metric that is calculated from different variables such as your company’s IP address, your email content, links inside your email, hard bounces you receive, and your sending domain.

In this eBook, we go over how you can avoid that and learn to personalize/curate your emails the right way so that you are 11x more likely to hear back from your prospect.

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What You'll Learn

  • Preserving your sender's reputation
  • How to ensure your prospect reads your email
  • How researching first makes you 11x more likely to hear back from a prospect
How to achieve double digit reply rates

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How to achieve double digit reply rates